How to Start Cooking

For our inaugural post, I thought it would good idea to get into how to start cooking in the first place if home cooking is not already a part of your life.

My most important advice is this: start small.

Like any change in your life, it’s good to ease in and take incremental steps so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and flame out. If you don’t cook at all, just start with one meal a week. At first, cooking will be a bit of a time commitment, so one meal a week will allow you to schedule your cooking for a day when you’re not coming home from work tired and starving.

Secondly: start with food you know and like. Experimentation is awesome, but there’s nothing quite like making food you really enjoy eating to help encourage your new hobby. Ask family or friends how to make that thing you like, or search for a “from scratch” version of a convenience meal you enjoy.

Thirdly, remember how low the stakes are. The worst thing that can happen from this process is you make some food that is gross. Not a big deal! Try and try again is definitely the cooking motto, and with each mistake you really will learn.

Happy cooking!

♡ Kit


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